Thursday, September 01, 2005

FTP Server

Well it seems like life just took another setback. Last night I finished setting up most of the entertainment room and found a copule of issues.

It seems that the FTP Server I have suffered some kind of failure. I'm not sure what hte problem is but it won't be solved any time soon. Undoubtly this will trouble me to no end from now until I get it fixed. So right now I have to deal without the data stores and my Ventrilo server. This makes two systems I have lost in the past year. I just home this one I can recover from.

*sigh* Stupid flood.

(Still feeling luckier than those in New Orleans though)


MotivatedTea said...

I'm not sure what [the] problem is

Might I suggest you check for signs of ... water damage? ;)

Phalse Impressions said...

[buffer overflow]


MotivatedTea said...

Are you sure that was a buffer overflow? Or maybe *ahem* a retaining wall overflow?

You know, like:
"There's a flood! There's a flood!"
"Oh, dam!"

Purple Mangos said...

"Water" you going to do now?

Phalse Impressions said...

Well it all depends. IF FTPServ has given up the ghost I will migrate all the hard drives to my WinServ box and bring services back online.

If FTPServ is ok then it will just be the process of getting the system up and going again.

Time will tell.

Purple Mangos said...

I fail to see the pun in that statement. Don't tell me you're giving up?

MotivatedTea said...

Oh look - blog spam. Aren't you lucky. *sigh* I HATE spam.